Car and Limo Service in New Haven (CT)

Travel in luxury while visiting New Haven

New Haven is the perfect place to take that vacation you have been longing for so long. The scenic beauty and rich culture is enough to lire anyone into the place. You get everything you need and it is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Travelling should always be luxurious whether it is for a vacation or a corporate event. Comfortable and safe travels to and from the airport is always appreciated. If you are looking for such an experience, well then you are in luck. Connecticut Car Services is here to serve you and meet your every need. We provide sedans and SUVs for luxury travel and our fleet of cars are the best. They are embedded with the latest technology to give you the ethereal experience of luxury. Also, these modern equipment’s are mostly used by our experienced driver’s to navigate through a busy road. It also keeps them updated on the traffic feed. One of the greatest advantage that you have if you hire us is that you not only get a classy ride in a luxury car but also a guide who will be glad to let you know more about the city.

Our services

We provide our services through the states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Long Island from the airports of John F Kennedy  (JFK), LaGuardia  (LGA), Newark Liberty International  (EWR), Philadelphia, and McArthur. We will pick you up from the airport keeping in track of your flight and drop you at your destination. If it is a corporate event that you are travelling to, it gives a great impression. It becomes much more comfortable and easy to let someone else take you to your destination while you laze back and relax. Also, if you hire your ride from us, it takes away the stress of travelling. You might be travelling from far and you need rest before you step into the meeting. You can do that easily if you hire a sedan or SUV. All you have to do is let your driver know your destination and you can take a quick nap at the back of the car. You will reach your destination on time.

Why you need to hire us?

You do not have to wait for a cab and haul it down. Your own personal car will be waiting for you once you exit the airport. We also provide services to drop you off at the airport. So if you are worried about running late that won’t happen. Our drivers are always punctual and flawless behind wheels. They have gone through many tests before they were chosen to drive around for us. You will not be late to catch your flight if you book your services with us. Also, your safety is our priority and you need not have to worry about it. We provide you with the most reliable services that you can ask for while travelling to a foreign land. However, if the costs of hiring sedan and SUV worry you, then rest assured as we provide cars at much cheaper price. You will ultimately save a lot if you hire us. If your destination is far away from the airport, you might have to take two taxis to reach the destination. This might not be very comfortable and the cost will also be more. At Connecticut Car Services you do not have to worry about it at all as our prices are more affordable. You can travel in luxury and comfort as well.